Edible – by Daniella Martin


A book that we are reading for the moment is Daniella Martin’s book Edible. So far, half the book is completed but we just had to share some interesting and fun facts from the book about insects in comparison with cattle

– Before pigs, cows, fish, and chicken reaches the market, 75% of its body weight has been thrown away because these parts are not edible. This is the same percentage of most insects that can be eaten.

– A cow gives birth to approximately one calf per year, while a cricket lay around 100 eggs during its three-month life. It provides approximately 50 female crickets, which in turn can add 100 eggs each. After three months, we have about 2,500 female crickets, and in one year 312,500,000. If 1000 cricket weighs about 1 pound, it becomes 312,500 pounds in a year. This would correspond to 312 cows. Lets say that only one in ten cricket survives, it would still give us a total weight of about 30 cows.

– Livestock uses in the current situation, 70% of Earth’s land area that is not covered by ice. If you compare the different needs of the species of land area, it looks something like this:
1 pound of beef = 200 square feet of pasture (about 18.6 m2)
1 pound of pork = 175 square feet of pasture (about 16.3 m2)
1 pound of chicken = 75 square feet of pasture (about 7 m2)
1 pound of insects = 2 cubic feet of land space (about 56.6 dm3)

(For all of you who like to think in kilograms, 1 pound correspondents to about 0.45 kg.)

Think about this the next time you put your teeth in a beef 🙂

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